Web Design by Jeff Wagner

Aside from my photography, I also design and build custom websites. All of my sites run on software of my own design that I call Driftwood. It's designed to be as easy as possible, so you spend more time doing what your website talks about and less time editing it.

I see the web design world as a soulless place with backwards priorities. It makes my head hurt. The internet should be a tool, not an all-consuming monster that takes from us what makes us human. Right now, I am only building websites for non-profits and artists whose values I agree with.

Websites are expensive, but they don't need to be. My pre-written code takes an hour or two to implement plus a few hours of design time. I charge you a reasonable amount, not the standard five thousand for a custom site. Contact me about your project so we can discuss design options and pricing. I work at discounted rates and sometimes build free websites for non-profits, depending what the mission is.

Some of my better work:

Mission: Wolf

The Keno Project

Iceland Northbound

Wild Sky: A Resource for Environmentalists