This page gives a list of the items we are planning to bring. Generally, this represents what one of us will be carrying, except for items which are obviously group gear (eg tent, stove) and will be shared between the two of us. We will further comment on this list after the expedition.


Boots Leather 3-pin ski boots Necessary for ski travel. Should be fine to walk in
Backpack Deuter Expedition 90+10

Large volume. A good frame will be important because we are carrying so much gear and food, and should be worth the weight

Hiking Poles Helinox Causeway colapsable trekking poles Will help with heavy packs when hiking, use as ski poles
Socks 2 pairs each, synthetic One pair always dry, one pair usually wet
Gloves Light snow gloves Maybe could get away with just paddling gloves
Shirt Synthetic T-Shirt  
Light top layer Patagonia Capilene 4 Zip Neck Should be sufficient for thermal while we are moving
Bonus Layer Windbreaker (Jack) Very light. Jack is fond of this layer
Puffy Big Agnes Shovelhead Jacket SE For warmth at camp and other situations where we need to stand around
Rain coat Patagonia Torrentshell Pullover Maybe could just use paddle jacket, but that doesn't have a hood and is hard to take on/off quickly
Warm hat Fleece hat  
Underwear Patagonia synthetic boxers Good to hike in on hot days
Sun hat Patagonia Airflow cap Sun protection necessary for glacier
Sunglasses Julbo Sherpa glacier goggles Necessary for glacier
Pants None Wear long underwear and rain pants if it's cold
Rain Pants Unknown brand, very basic Stay dry while hiking. Also use for paddling
Long Underwear Bottom REI heavyweight synthetic Should be sufficient for thermal while we are moving
Tent Big Agnes String Ridge 2 Light for a 4-season tent. Bomber, in case of high winds and large snowfall on the glacier.
Stove Optimus Crux Light canister stove for cooking food and melting snow
Utensils, Cook Pot Titanium Spoon, Pot. Better than lexan--won't melt if stirring something thick. Pot needs to be big enough to melt snow
Sleeping Bag Big Agnes Pomer Hoit SL 0° Down Very comfortable and warm, may be overkill depending on weather
Sleeping Pad Big Agnes Q-Core SL Forms a system with sleeping bag. Use to line packraft floor when using it as a sled.
Fire Starter Bic Lighters Just for stove. There is little natural fuel in Iceland
Water Treatment Aqua Mira Light, reliable
Water Storage MSR 4L DromLite Compressible, light, and high volume for glacier travel
Toiletries Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, contact lens solution, glasses Prevent tooth decay; see things
Hand sanitizer Waterless hand sani Prevent illness
Phone iPhone According to a coverage map, we will have signal for about 90% of our route
First Aid Small, for wound treatment, pain, allergies  
Sunscreen Medium Tube SPF 40 Necessary for glacier. Prevent skin cancer.
Repair Kit Packraft repair, ski wax, tenacious tape, needles, etc.  
Papers Passport, Money In case of emergency
Map Nat Geo adventure map, Printed section maps

Nat geo map for large-scale perspective. 1:100000 scale maps printed on 8.5x11 paper for regional navigation. 1:50000 scale maps on 8.5x11 paper for navigation on either side of the glacier

Compass Silva Ranger declination adjustment helpful. Maybe find a lighter model
Camera Jack's digital camera For high quality stills. Not sure about brand.
Notebook small Rite in the Rain, pencil For notes, medical
Video Camera GoPro Hero 3+ Black, charge cable, micro sd cards highest quality camera in our price range
Solar Panel GoalZero Switch 8 system For recharging GoPro, iPhone. Should be able to charge battery while we're moving and charge electronics at night.
GPS iPhone As a backup, esp. on glacier
Skis Asnes Ingstad Fjell FL 190cm

Lightweight, waxable. These will be a pain for most of the trip, but we decided they will be necessary for glacier travel given the possibility of severe snowstorms.

Ski poles See Hiking Poles Increased balance and speed. Will sub for ice axe as necessary.
Bindings Voile HD 3-pin mountaineer More durable than NNN
Crampons CAMP XL390 Crampons Necessary for walking on blue ice
Rope 30m, 7.8mm dynamic For protection in crevassed terrain
Helmet NRS Chaos side cut helmet Protection in terrain where falling, getting hit with rocks and ice are possibilities
Shovel Backcountry Access B1 Avalanche Shovel Necessary for building some snow anchors, may become necessary if we are hit by a large snowstorm
Harness CAMP Blitz Harness Second-lightest harness we found. For crevassed and technical terrain
Ice Axe CAMP Corsa 60cm For steep and crevassed terrain
Glacier rig Foot prussik, waist prussik, 3 locking biners, 2 non-locking biners Necessary for crevasse rescue

Alpacka Yukon Yak w/ Spray Deck, Cargo Fly,  and 4 NRS hypalon d-ring patches for thigh straps

The best packraft in the correct size with all the important whitewater features. Cargo fly dramatically helps with control

Paddle Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Fiberglass 210 cm Breakdown Strong enough for our purposes, cheaper than carbon fiber
Spray Skirt Kit w/ Yukon Yak Light, keeps the boat from getting swamped by big waves
PFD Astral V-Eight Foam, type III, lightest available. Bulkier than inflatable PFD, but safer and weighs about the same
Dry top NRS Stampede Jacket Very light, will keep you totally dry as long as you don't swim
Dry Bags Sea to Summit dry bags, packraft cargo fly For clothes, tent, sleeping bags, electronics
Tie Downs for pack 3/4" straps with plastic friction buckles. Quick access, secure, easy to adjust. Better than parachute cord
Paddling Gloves Solution Gear paddle gloves Light, keep our hands mobile in the glacial meltwater
Throw Rope 70 ft, homemade One, share. For setting safety on larger rapids
Knife CRKT Renner Neckolas knife Lightest available
Helmet See Glacier Helmet Absolutely necessary when paddling class IV
Splash Pants See Rain Pants Will keep legs mostly dry, unless you swim
Inflation for raft Kit Inflation Bag  Very light, makes inflating alpacka very fast. Share one.
Thigh Straps NRS Inflatable Kayak thigh straps Drastically increases control, makes rolling possible.
Neoprene Socks NRS Wetsocks So we don't have to paddle in our ski boots
Stern Grab Line Cordalette For moving boat, river rescue

We want an average of 5.5 cal/g for a 5000 cal/day diet at 2lb/person/day

TOTAL About 90 pounds, 40 of which is food.